Termite and Pest Control Services
, Plus Home Maintenance
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Residential Pest Control

 Services will meet your needs in accordance with your timing and scheduled for your convenience.

No contractual agreement is required; we provide service on your terms:

-       As needed (but it is better to be proactive than reactive)

-       Arrangements for monthly, semi-monthly, or quarterly service

Service includes:

-       Interior: Kitchens, pantries, utility rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, any and all areas of concern or issue.

-       Exterior : Perimeter coverage including a 6-8' band around your home, with special attention to conditions conducive to pest harborage and avenues of entry to the interior of your home.

Most common home pests are included in your service guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our relationship with you is very important.

To learn more, please call us at 214-603-8274, or e-mail us at pbp@pestbanplus.com.

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provides a service plan for your home. Not the “cookie cutter” approach that many companies take.


PestBan+ will use proven control materials, applied correctly, at the appropriate mix percentage to provide rapid control and long term protection from termite intrusion and damage.


PestBan+ backs this with a “ Lifetime Renewable Service Guarantee”.


PestBan+ will perform an inspection on your home annually and provide for treatment of any found issues at no additional cost (as long as the agreement is in force). More often by your request.


PestBan+ will assume most guarantees placed by other companies.

Why Choose PestBan+ Services?

v  We have over 20 years of experience


v  We will provide a quality service at a competitive cost.


v  We are fully insured.


v  All Technicians are Licensed/Certified and uniformed.


v  We have the services of a Ph.D. Entomologist available.


v  All vehicles are fully equipped and ready to meet most any situation.


v  We offer convenient payment options.


v  Most importantly, your home will be treated with respect and you will enjoy True Customer Service



Contact us. You'll be glad you did!

Phone: 214.603.8274 or 214.566.2401

Fax: 972.996.1861


or search PestBan+ on Facebook


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